July 29, 2009

Trompe d'oeil Hand-Moved Building Walls: The 555 Kubik Project

The conception of this project consistently derives from its underlying architecture - the theoretic conception and visual pattern of the Hamburg Kunsthalle. The Basic idea of narration was to dissolve and break through the strict architecture of O. M. Ungers "Galerie der Gegenwart". Resultant permeability of the solid facade uncovers different interpretations of conception, geometry and aesthetics expressed through graphics and movement. A situation of reflexivity evolves - describing the constitution and spacious perception of this location by means of the building itself.

555 KUBIK | facade projection |

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July 28, 2009

"Killers Kill, Dead Men Die": A Star Studded Film Noir Masterpiece Photoshoot by Annie Leibovitz and Michael Roberts

Legendary photographers Annie Leibovitz and Michael Roberts created an exquisite star-studded 33 page portfolio film noir masterpiece for the March 2007 Vanity Fair Hollywood issue. Killers Kill, Dead Men Die is a mysterious film noir classic that probably was. Or could have been. Or never was. Or still is but never will be...You get the gist of it? Me neither. Thing is that nobody seems to know anything concrete about this film.

Vanity Fair noted:

"... Every element of the genre is here: The Femme Fatale, sultry, scheming, and doped up on tranquilizers; The Private Dick, crawling through the gutter in search of a diamond garter; The Chanteuse and The Champ; The Doll and The Aristocrat; The Spy who knows too little and The Moll who knows too much; mistaken identity and double indemnity; high life and low society; shocking—though possibly nonsensical—plot turns; despair, lust, blood violence, and the cruel fist of fate. Finally, lurking in the shadows behind all this is the menacing figure of The Killer. And what does he do? Why, he does what all killers do: he kills."

Vanity Fair

July 24, 2009

NSFW Censored German 0ral $ex Sprite Ad - Turns Out, it is Fake (Authentic Vid of Fake Ad)

Max Issacson, the director of the fake Sprite ad that shows two people having oral sex, has circulated the following mea culpa regarding the red hot video:

"My name is Max Isaacson, I directed and produced the fake Sprite ads that have been making the rounds over the past five days. There have been quite a lot of false statements made regarding these and I would like to make a few things very clear about these spots. First, there was no involvement from either The Coca-Cola Company or Greencard Pictures. Second, this was not supposed to be taken seriously by anybody. They were made completely on spec, which was clearly stated on the YouTube pages on which the ads were primarily seen. I paid for, produced and directed both spots independently. I am frankly quite surprised that spots of this nature were so quickly and easily believed to be legitimate. I hope that all parties involved will understand that this was a simple mistake that went much too far too fast, and that it is now made clear that these were not real commercials, nor were they ever produced with intention of being taken as such."

The New York Press reports that a New York City-based director was responsible for the now-infamous Sprite ad, and that the spot was produced without Sprite's permission. The ad is the work of Max Issacson, and was not produced in Germany, according to the NY Press.

The NY Press spoke to John Jones IV, the male model pictured in the video: "The funny thing is, it's a spec commercial--it's not even real," Jones said.

Current TV initially reported that the ad had been banned from the air, for pretty obvious reasons. It combines oral sex and the desire for a refreshing Sprite to create a big finish that has to be seen to be believed. It even beats the climax of this similarly-themed ad

(above update quoted from Huffington Post)

Madonna's Brilliant and Provocative Pop Art Cover for her Album "Celebration"

Her Madge-esty will delight many of us--and annoy her detractors aka haters-- with a compilation of her greatest hits spanning Madge's 25+ year career. The album is called "Celebration" and the sensational and Andy Warholesque art work was created by Mr. Brainwash. Madge Tribe states, "Mr. Brainwash, the creator of Madonna's "Celebration" album cover, started his career in France as a documentary film maker to become later a popular street artist. He currently resides in L.A and where he is a well known graffiti artist.

This "Celebration" cover reprises the classic Madonna shot by Jean-Baptiste Mondino that premiered on "Bazaar" magazine in 1990 blended with another iconic 1987 portrait by Alberto Tolot."

"Celebration" will include hits from "Holiday" to last year's "4 Minutes" with Justin Timberlake. The set will also include two new songs, including "Celebration," a new dance track Madonna co-produced with Paul Oakenfold.

Madonna's "Celebration" drops on September 28th.

Celebration video teaser

via Madonna Tribe

July 22, 2009

Coldplay's Beautiful "Strawberry Swing" Music Video from "Viva la Vida"

Coldplay's exquisitely dope Strawberry Swing music video from Viva La Vida. This stop motion work is one of the best I have seen in a long time.

Transgressions and Excitement in Rome: Gay Village 2009 Summer Event Short Film Promo

This is a wicked and deliciously debauched promo for Gay Village 2009 Summer Event in Rome. The promo short was shot in June 2009.

Disembedded notes, "The Gay Village is a short film (with music) directed by Daniele Napolitano at Cut Studios, promoting Rome’s Gay Village Summer Events. The Gay Village has just settled in for a whole summer of excitement, cool music and transgressions. Got some fetish? ‘Cause there’s a lot in here. Just step in and don’t feel ashamed of enjoying (or of not enjoying)."

CREW: Daniele Napolitano, Stefano Gianfreda, Stefano Caridi, Marco Bassano, Stefano Fontana, ANG Creazioni, Stefano Piparo, Daniele Frebetti, Roberta Viti, Andrea Lucania, Marianna D'Addurno, Valerio Grosso, Valerio Scambelluri, Andrea Conte
CAST: Desiré, Luca Galgano, Karma B, Kristine, Ilaria, Davide, Olivian

Promo website: "I Love Cut"
Event Official Site

July 20, 2009

Icon Fixation: Lindsay Lohan Channels Marilyn Monroe Again for Vogue Spain

Lindsay Lohan is gracing the cover of the August 2009 issue of Vogue España where she is being hailed as the "new" Marilyn Monroe. Some of us remember Lindsay's uber risque recreation of Marilyn's iconic "Last Sitting" photoshoot in New York Magazine's Spring 2008 issue where the starlet took it all off. The 22 year actress received very mixed reviews although there was a sizable and - vocal - crowd that seemed genuinely offended at Lindsay's gall and proceeded to trash her with a zeal and a mean-spirited fervor that must have bordered on the orgasmic for many. I myself seldom go there (mean-spirited personal insults); I don't see a reason for it (except when I included the choice "ho" in a poll about 16 year old Miley Cyrus recently. In my defense, the devil made me do it!). Lindsay is a beautiful woman but this doesn't work for me. From an aesthetic (or maybe sartorial?) point of view, Marilyn was a size 10 "girl" who filled out her garments. LiLo, on the other hand, is very thin and un-Marilyn like in that respect. Anyway, please let me know what YOU think.


These are stills from the famous "Last Sitting" snapped by Bert Stern who also lensed Lindsay's New York Magazine cover and spread last year. Marilyn was found dead only six weeks after these photos were taken.


"In My Room": Paco Peregrin's Human Doll Collection

In My Room is the fantastic work of Spanish artist Paco Peregrin. The installation showcases a gigantic human doll/puppet who's clad in mostly one piece skimpy attires, haute couture shoes and accessories and who's trapped in tiny, uncomfortable rooms where she does not fit. But what the hell! She has a bangin' thin body and is decked out in expensive designer clothes and that's all that matters. Right? Relax. I'm not getting up on my fantabulous bully pulpit today.

Paco Peregrin