December 26, 2008

Monkeyman's Fantastical Surrealistic Images

"French Art Director/Photographer Pierre Beteille (aka Monkeyman) said ” I am not a photographer or an artist, I just make images … I shoot very average or even bad photos that I try to improve thanks to Photoshop …“ His photoshopped images definitely stand out above so many others’ attempts to make the same type of images. Pierre is truly one of the most original artist I’ve seen this month… Bravo Mr Monkey !! see his website and Flickr."


December 19, 2008

Incredibly Gorgeous Lookbook for Some Awesome Bling

If I'm not mistaken, this is a part of a "lookbook for beautiful Jewelry! Patrizio di RENZO photographed designer MAJO FRUITHOF’s latest jewelry collection. The photographer was in charge of the concept, artwork and creative direction. Take a look at how he captured the bling of the rings, chokers, cuff links and bracelets."

Quote from cyanatrendland There are more wonderful pix there. This stuff is just f*cking amazing. Don't you think?



December 12, 2008

Girls in Miniature Villages - 'Teenage Stories' :The Gorgeous Work of Julia Fullerton-Batten

This is the brilliant and astounding work of photographer Julia Fullerton-Batten. This gallery is called "Teenage Fantasies". Let me allow the artist explain in her own words(via Wicked Halo whose link appears next to the author's website)

"The girls I photograph in these miniature villages interact with them much like children interact with their real surroundings, living inside their own dreams and fantasies rather than living in a specific house on a specific street. In their minds they can be giants moving through our world whilst always remaining separate to it, cocooned in their own dream like existence."


On a completely different note, there are people who visit this site regularly and I have a tremendous appreciation for that. However, a few of those folks copy the images to use, I suppose, on their own site. I don't have a problem with. Quite the contrary as long as you give me credit by linking to this blog just as I ALWAYS credit my sources. I don't steal stuff without giving people their dues. So please stop doing it! You know who you are!

December 9, 2008

"Crude Oil" - Banksy's Rat-Infested Gallery Exhibit

This is Banksy’s latest work called “Crude Oils” is an oil series installation that’s currently showing at a gallery in Britain.

“Madonna and iPod,” which is a parody--and social commentary--of Renaissance master Raphael’s “Madonna and Child.”

Jack Vettriano’s “Singing Butler” with oil barrels in the background.

“Show me the Monet,” which is a satirical adaptation of Monet’s “Water Lilies” series.

Ed Hopper’s “Nighthawke” parody featuring a man clad in boxers bearing the Union Jack and tossing a chair through the glass window of an establishment.

“Nighthawke” parody featuring a man clad in boxers bearing the Union Jack and tossing a chair through the glass window of an establishment.

Kate Moss transformed into iconic Marilyn Monroe.

The gallery was filled with rats scurrying around and scaring the shit outta people.



November 27, 2008

Gorgeous Digitally Manipulated 3D Landscapes Made out of Food

British photographer Carl Warner made these gorgeous and fantastic 3D landscapes with food and some expert digital manipulation. Amazing!!!


November 26, 2008

"Stop the Pain" - A Beautiful and Haunting Anti-War Cartoon in 3-D

This is such a beautiful anti-war video and what makes it kinda sad is that the main protagonist is a little boy. The anti-war images at the very end are really beautiful but heart breaking. The video is called "Stop the Pain" and it was made by "Pain without Borders" which is a French NGO (Non Governmental Organization at the UN).


November 22, 2008

Absolutely Beautiful Bejeweled, Artistic and Glittery Lips!

Take a look at these wonderful bejeweled lips. My favorite among the lot are the ultra-sexy, goth lips up front.

I wish I could provide you with some info about this wonderful and artistic work but I don't know anything about these awesome lips. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

via Ziza.Es

November 15, 2008

The Absolutely Gorgeous and Surreal Photography of Oleg Duryagin

These gorgeous and haunting images by 25 y.o Russian photographer Oleg Duryagin are really amazing!

Duryagin was chosen as Photographer of the Year in Fine Art and I can see why. This work is amazing and totally unreal! BTW these are just some images from Duryagin's amazing collection.