March 25, 2010

Cool Kinetic Sculpture at the BMW Museum in Munich

The installation shows 714 metal spheres moving in an interplay of mechanics, electronics and code. Each ball is connected to a thin steel wire, which in turn has an individual motor, setting the balls in motion. A software defines animation paths and motion. Initially the spheres move randomly, then begin to gather into forms which we can guess are shapes of BMW cars such as BMW 327, BMW 1500, BMW Z4 coupe concept and Mille Miglia.


March 8, 2010

Oscar-Winning Short Film Logorama: A Fun 16 Minute Movie About Logos

The 46 second trailer for the Oscar-winning short documentary Logorama which was directed by Hervé de Crécy François Alaux, and Ludovic Houplain of H5, is shown here. The short 16 minute video features over 2000 commercial logos in every imaginable way.

Check out the complete 16 minute video if you have the time and patience to wait for it to load.

Complete film

[Oscars 2010 Mejor Cortometraje] - Logorama