October 29, 2009

Heath Ledger's Last Last Work: Edgy Music Video Featuring Rapper "No Fixed Abode"

The film The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus is widely believed to be Heath Ledger's last work before he was found dead in his NYC apt in January of last year. Now however, a music video that Heath directed has started circulating the net. The 3 1/2 minute opus featuring British rapper No Fixed Abode, was reportedly made in Ledger's garage in Sydney a few months before he died.

I see the joker here.

October 23, 2009

Rihanna's Racy and Bad-Ass Image for her New Album "Russian Roulette"

With the release of her new single, 'Russian Roulette,' Rihanna has unveiled an edgy new image for herself. The song, from the singer's upcoming album 'Rated R,' ends with a gunshot, but even more controversial is the artwork that accompanies the single. Rihanna is pictured wrapped in barbed wire and gripping a chain, while blood drips from the song's title, which is directly underneath a shiny blade 'R' logo. All of this dark imagery is right in tune with the song's suicide-hinting lyrics, "So just pull the trigger." 'Rated R' will be released on Nov. 23, but in the meantime, let us know what you think of the photo's racy look.

Love it, hate it or don't give a shit? Pray tell peeps.


October 21, 2009

Tiago Hoisel's Phenomenal Digital Painting in Motion

Check out more outstanding work by Tiago here


Seriously Hilarious South Park Clip: Butters Bottom Biatch

Did you watch this episode of South Park? Oh please don't tell me that you don't watch South Park because you're too mature for this kinds of TV shows! Well, I'm obviously not! And I missed this episode where one of the kids is trying to become a successful pimp. "Butters attends the players ball to learn more about being a successful pimp...This is beyond hilarious!


October 12, 2009

Liu Bolin's Incredible Camouflage Photography

Lunatica has featured the incredible work of Liu Bolin before. This is our second installment and I think it is even better than the first one. Wow! It took me a while to find the hidden person within the first image!