July 2, 2009

Eyeball Tattoos Banned in Midwest State!

According to msnbc, on July 1, 2009, a new law went into effect in Oklahoma which bans eyeball tattoos and I am outraged! Outraged I tell you! I mean, why should the government tell me that I can't mess up my eyes by having color ink injected directly into my own damn eyeballs?! Good times!

Meanwhile, the creepy video is pretty explicit so if you're a bit of a wooz when it comes to stuff like this, maybe you should bypass it. Enjoy.

Image Credits: lunacobra|teamsugar|bmeink


  1. I think you should be able to do anything you damn well please with your own body.

  2. Yea, no doubt. I totally agree with you. Only thing is that if someone fucks up their eyes putting foreign shit in them, I don't want my taxes paying for the treatment. If the person has a health plan that will take care of the bill in case something goes wrong, then they can go ahead and hang a tractor off of their cornea.

  3. So if they go blind....we gotta foot the bill?

  4. And also its prohibited to have long hair for boys in schools in Tajikistan. So, you are so lucky there :P

  5. why the fuck would u get an eyeball tat

  6. why would some one get there eyeball tat

    to get ahead of every one else trying to be diff
    KEY WORD trying ..
    pfft try so hard and fail ... trying to be diff.. is what the overall goal is wat i see. here..