March 31, 2008

Fake Funerals as Banter - 50 Cent Throws Funeral for Fat Joe (VIDEO)

(TREND HUNTER) Leveraging the power of his online community, 50 Cent hosted a fake funeral for Fat Joe. In the video, 50 Cent makes fun of Fat Joe's relatively poor album sales. He actually cries, "Fat Joe just passed away. Soundscan came out and he sold like 46,000 copies."

50 Cent has long mocked his rivals,… [More]

March 30, 2008

50 Cent Launches His Own Social Networking Site

Rap star 50 Cent has launched a social networking site called Now artists such as 50 Cent, who already have a massive presence on MySpace, are branching out to create their own social networking websites. Even thought 50 has around a million "friends" on MySpace, with his own website, he gains a level of control on his fans that he does not have at other social networking sites. He can, for instance email his fans whenever he wants about upcoming events and include all kinds of ads on the email or offer paid downloads, merchandise etc, etc.

50 Cent Social Networking Site

March 29, 2008

Unusual Body Art-Dental Tattoos

I,in my naivety,thought that I had seen the last frontier for body tattoos when I saw people getting inked inside their eyes. I was so wrong! But it never occurred to me that some people would want to get tattoos on their teeth!!! Tooth artist (what is it? a trade, a craft or a profession?) Heward Dental labs can create custom made, hand painted artwork on your teeth. Having been in business in this industry for 30 years, “We have found that there is a lack of true artists in our industry. Our technicians were trained first to be artists and then taught how to construct teeth. Inventorspost said: “they say that you will have your very own custom crown in 6 easy steps which include obtaining a prescription, picking out your artwork, deciding where you want it, and visiting your dentist to have it put in place”. Prices for the dental work range anywhere from $75 to $500. How bizarre. via

March 28, 2008

Cigarette Box Cell Phone-The Wang XYW 3838

So, they decided to make a cell phone that not only looks like a pack of cigarettes, but also holds real cigarettes in the back! The Wang XYW 3838 phone runs on dual band GSM, takes micro SD cards, plays MP3, has a color screen and a VGA camera on the side. The price of this pack of cigarettes/cell phone is about $175 and right now they are only available in Taiwan.


Amazing Bottle Cap Portraits-The Work of Molly B. Right

These amazing portraits were made with bottle caps. Among the characters portrayed are Abraham Lincoln, Dutch master painter Johannes Vermeer's Girl with Pearl, iconic jazz singer Billie Holliday, Cher in all her bottle cap glory, Greek mythology character Medusa and others. These portraits are the creation of artist of Molly B. Right.


March 26, 2008

A PC That Can Help Manage Your Home-The "ProsperPC" Concept

The ProsperPC is a home system allowing families to experience a better standard of living. The system embraces the evolution of technology in the home, encouraging the entire home to act and function as one. One key safety feature of ProsperPC is the ability to monitor the status of your house. The ability to see the quality of the environment around you and be informed about its conditions brings comfort and confidence. A second feature, building on the ability to monitor various utilities, is the power to alert a family of wasted resources. The ability to regulate energy usage saves money and is less harsh on the environment. ProsperPC is a flexible system for the home that could be beneficial today, and even more so in the near future. Reemphasizing the ability to embrace future technology, ProsperPC can adapt and utilize prospective intelligent applications.


The Flux PC Concept-Computer in a Bracelet

The Flux PC concept is an ultra-portable computer that can be worn on your wrist and consists of three parts: the bracelet, a display that can be folded and the inductive charging tray. It is designed based on the following principles: flexibility, mobility, friendly user interface and fashion. The bracelet, stores the wearer’s personal information and connects wirelessly with the foldable display that provides multimedia features accessed via a touch-sensitive interface. The bracelet stores the user's personal information while the display incorporates a larger viewing area and multimedia devices. This display is supposed to be very economical, with core touch screen and display ability, as well as environmentally friendly materials. The premise behind the concept is that the system learns the habits and idiosyncrasies of the user, and grows with the user. The Flux PC concept enhances existing wearable decorative elements by providing an enhanced computing experience. The system in turn becomes much more familiar and personal to the user. Like like a virtual “friend”, the Flux PC system even encourages interaction between the user and other users in its environment.


March 25, 2008

Sunsilk Commercial Featuring Madonna and "4 Minutes (To Save the World)" From Hard Candy

Madonna debuted portions of her first single “4 Minutes (To Save The World)” from her upcoming album, Hard Candy, in a new Sunsilk commercial .
The Material Girl appeared in the first Sunsilk “Life Can’t Wait” Campaign alongside pop culture icon Marilyn Monroe and Colombian super star Shakira in a Super Bowl XLII commercial but she was featured alone in this Sunsilk ad that debuted on March 17.
The 31 second spot will trace Madonna’s ever-evolving look throughout the 25+ years of her career as a means to inspire young women to play around with their current styles with the help of the new Sunsilk styling aids. The commercial includes some of the music from Madonna’s new single “4 Minutes.”

March 22, 2008

"Gatorade Tiger"-Tiger Woods Own Gatorade Brand (Video Commercial)

Tiger Woods inked a deal with Gatorade to launch his own branded sports drink in 2007. This is believed to be Tiger's first beverage endorsement and licensing deal. The “Gatorade Tiger” campaign was rolled out about 2 days ago to be followed by other products, all with flavors reportedly selected by Woods himself. While terms were not disclosed, last month Golfweek magazine said it was a five-year pact that might be worth up to $100 million. Gatorade Tiger has its own YouTube Channel.

Hilarious Impromptu Musical at a Mall by Improv Everywhere Shocks Unsuspecting Patrons

Improv Everywhere is an unorthodox comedy group based in New York City, formed in 2001 by Charlie Todd. Its slogan is "We Cause Scenes," which the group lives up to by executing non-demeaning pranks in public places. Improv Everywhere has organized and carried out over 70 missions, from synchronized swimming in a park fountain to repeating a short sequence of events in a Starbucks café every five minutes for an hour to flooding a Best Buy store with members dressed exactly like the staff, to deploying 111 shirtless male shoppers at an Abecrombie and Fitch store and more. This video features IE "agents" at Baldwin Hill Mall in Los Angeles in what can only be described as a flash mob musical. It is absolutely hilarious.

Shockvertising-When Is Advertising Too Shocking?

When is shockvertising just too shocking? What sort of parameters, if any, could be delineated to mark the division between so-called cutting edge, out of the box advertising and just plain garbage with a very high shocking value designed to call attention to a product by whatever means necessary? But then again, isn't that what advertising is all about? By whatever means necessary...?

I just ask the questions.


Hand-Made, One-Of-A-Kind Steampunk Clocks


I did a post on a steampunk computer not long ago. The term denotes works set in an era or world where steam power is still widely used—usually the 19th century, and often set in Victorian era England—but with prominent elements of art and either science fiction or fantasy, such as fictional technological inventions like those found in the works of H. G. Wells and Jules Verne, or real technological developments like the computer occurring at an earlier date. Steampunk is sometimes associated with cyberpunk because of its rebellious, counter-culture theme. But steampunk lacks the dystopian elements of cyberpunk with its world vision characterized by human misery, violence, oppression, disease etc. These clocks are all hand-made.


March 18, 2008

House Inspired by F-117 Stealth Jet Fighter

(TREND HUNTER) I am doing a trend on this house because its design looked interesting to me and the article said that the design was inspired by an F-117 Stealth Fighter, the ugliest flying piece of expensive junk in the history of junk. But if by any chance I'm giving you the impression that I don't like the F-11… [More]

March 16, 2008

Futuristic Cell Phone Made With E-Paper Technology

P-Per cell phone a concept designed by the Chocolate Agency and winner of the Red Dot Design Awards 2007. P-Per made only from 4 layers, and one of them is an e-paper screen, which warps the entire phone.

Made out entirely of sustainable materials, this futuristic cell phone is using extruded polycarbonate to cope with its physical functions, hypoallergenic and recyclable titanium parts, and environmental friendly organic battery which is free from heavy metals.