March 26, 2008

A PC That Can Help Manage Your Home-The "ProsperPC" Concept

The ProsperPC is a home system allowing families to experience a better standard of living. The system embraces the evolution of technology in the home, encouraging the entire home to act and function as one. One key safety feature of ProsperPC is the ability to monitor the status of your house. The ability to see the quality of the environment around you and be informed about its conditions brings comfort and confidence. A second feature, building on the ability to monitor various utilities, is the power to alert a family of wasted resources. The ability to regulate energy usage saves money and is less harsh on the environment. ProsperPC is a flexible system for the home that could be beneficial today, and even more so in the near future. Reemphasizing the ability to embrace future technology, ProsperPC can adapt and utilize prospective intelligent applications.


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