May 31, 2009

Exciting and Extraordinarily Vivid Digital Illustrations by Tiago Hoisel

These commercial digital illustrations by Tiago Hoisel are absolutely awesome!


Hip Scientific Tattoos: Evolution Ink, DNA Helix Tattoos, Periodic Table of Elements Tats

Cool tats: Evolution tattoos, DNA helix tats, periodic table of elements tattoos and other scientific shit. Totally and Completamente hip. If I ever decide to get inked, it would be something completely cheesy and played out like a red rose or a phoenix. Umm...No, no freaking phoenix. A butterfly with a question mark: that's what I'd call rad! You call it tachee (tacky and cheesy), I call it radical. Yeah.


May 29, 2009

"True Blood" Fake Print Ads Promote Real Products for Vampires, Look Great!

Cable channel HBO's popular "True Blood" vampire series goes into it's 2nd season starting on June 14th and the cable outlet has opened up it's can of old tricks to promote the series. The Vault notes, "the cable outlet has unveiled print ads that seem to promote real products and services from Geico, Gillette, BMW’s Mini Cooper, Harley-Davidson, Ecko and Monster — but act as if the audiences for these popular goods are vampires."

This marks HBO’s second effort to generate attention for “True Blood,” which portrays a world in which the development of a synthetic blood product in Japan has allowed vampires to “come out” of their coffins, as it were, with all kinds of cultural ramifications. Starting last May, HBO began sending mailers to vampire hobbyists and bloggers; set up the website, which featured discussions and a blog (and has now returned); distributed viral videos; and, most memorable of all, perhaps, delivered samples of a red beverage known as “Tru Blood,” while distributing ads for the drink online and in alternative weeklies."

a viral promo video distributed by HBO


The Takao Trick Art Museum: Optical Illusion Artwork at its Best!

These fun, tricky images come from the Takao Trick Art Museum in Japan. Very imaginative and skillful illusion paintings and exhibits. Trompe l'oeil at it's best! I love the optical illusions and the trickery.