May 30, 2008

"The Third Eye" Enables User to Experience Virtual Space in 3-D

The Third Eye devise was conceived by Japanese designer Takehito Etani. The contraption, which goes on the head, offers the user a very different and unusual perception from outside his/her body. The devise consists of a one-eyed goggle with a 2-inch LCD monitor and a surveillance camera. notes that, "The visual experience of “The Third Eye” is similar to that of a 3D video game in which the user controls and follows a given character from behind. The device turns the user into the character that he/she is controlling and real space is transformed into virtual space."

The video shows a person with the devise mounted on the head and looking a bit like the Borg from Star Trek, walking through Times Square in New York City. Interesting experience.


Improv Everywhere Celebrates Brooklyn Bridge with Wave of Lights

Improv Everywhere the improvisation troupe which has been staging pre-planned "missions" and pranks in public places since 2001, celebrated the 125th anniversary of New York City's beautiful and historic Brooklyn Bridge by posting 700 of its "agents" armed with cameras for a "Camera Flash Experiment". The cameras fired their flashes off simultaneously in the same direction thus creating a short-lived but really beautiful wave of light across the bridge.

May 29, 2008

Live Action (and Really Creepy) The Simpsons in Spanish

This is a really amusing live action version of The Simpson from a Spanish show called Cruz y Raya. The dialogue takes place in Spanish but even if you don't understand what they are saying (Marge is scolding Homer for watching too much TV), it is pretty funny and definitely very creepy!

May 28, 2008

Soccer Star Cesc Fàbregas Catches on Fire for Nike

This humorous Nike commercial features Cesc Fàbregas, star of the British soccer team Arsenal F.C., doing daredevil stunts to promote the Nike T90 shoes. Fitted with a special flame retardant suit, Fàbregas has a flaming soccer ball passed to him. Fàbregas stops the ball with his chest, as a good soccer star knows how to do, and immediately catches fire. However, he continues to dribble the ball thanks to his Nike T90 shoes which keep him cool under pressure. He keeps it up for a few seconds until he’s overcome by the flames and falls writhing to the ground.

The ad cautions not to try this at home or anywhere. That’s a shame cause I was planning to try it with the neighbor’s kid.

May 25, 2008

Kobe Jumps over a Pool of Snakes for Nike

Recently I published an article that had Los Angeles Lakers superstar shooting guard Kobe Bryant jumping over a moving Aston Martin car. This time around, Kobe, accompanied by members of the cast of the movie Jackass, repeats the stunt this time around jumping over a plastic pool full of black mamba snakes.

May 23, 2008

Rafael Nadal vs. Alien in Strange Kia Ad

Last year, Kia Motors signed tennis superstar Rafael Nadal to be the company's celebrity spokesperson in Europe. Titled "Nadal vs. Alien", the web-only video is part of Kia's new marketing campaign. The short video begins with a cartooned Nadal playing tennis against an alien who all of a sudden sprouts multiple arms and starts pummeling Rafael with tennis balls. Nadal eventually recovers, does a strange dance with a bunch of Nadal clones, changes into a transformer sort of superhero (Is it me or superheroes are in fashion?) and comes back to beat the crap out of the alien in a soccer face-off. What? Exactly my sentiments. At the end of the commercial, Nadal turns into a car and drives off. Strange commercial but sort of funny and entertaining.

May 22, 2008

Unusual Body Art - Dental Paintings

I published an article about dental tattoos not long ago. The dental designs in the gallery are made with very colorful paint and, to me, look more attractive than the tattooed kind of dental decoration. Having said that, I have to admit that I am not a big fan of that type of body art but I can admire the skill and the dexterity behind this work.


Check out the "dental tattoos" post

"Museum HR Giger Bar": An Establishment Inspired by the Bad-Ass Monster from the "Alien" Movies

Artist Han Rudi Giger (better known as H.R. Giger) who is recognized worldwide as one of the foremost artists of Fantastic Realism and who worked on the pop culture film series Alien, designed this bar in Gruyere, Switzerland and he used as points of reference and inspiration his horror-inspiring creation. The bar is decorated throughout with models of spinal chord-like skeletons and other such creepy motifs reminiscent of the otherworldly environments in the Alien movies. Giger designed the title character- the movie’s mean killing machine monster- and won an Oscar for best special effects in 1980.

As much as I liked the Alien movies, I would be hard pressed to eat at this joint and would especially stay away from the eggs!

Check out the rest of the pictures and the video below.

Museum HR Giger Bar

May 20, 2008

Man Lives in a Human Nest Attached to a Skyscraper

Benjamin Verdonck is living in a giant nest hanging from a high-rise building in Rotterdam. The Belgian man says he will be there until May 22nd.

Judging by the images in the gallery, the nest looks like it was made out of twigs as well as more resistant and durable materials.

Benjamin built this temporary home on the side of the Weena Tower for a four-day project in which he will not leave the nest. From his perch up above the city, he’ll be able to watch people go about their daily lives below him as he envisions life as a bird, even going so far as to dress like one.

This isn’t the first time he’s done it. In July 2007, he constructed a similar nest on the side of an office building in Brussels were he lived for five days. At one point, he even tossed a giant egg down to the street below him. He called the installation “The Giant Swallow.” TrendHunter

May 19, 2008

Artist Paints with his Tongue

It is really remarkable when a person is able to produce art using their hands and fingers. When a person has the ability to paint with his tongue, that is simply amazing! Ani K is a teacher from India who decided to stray from the flock of artists who use more conventional methods of artistic expression: '“I always go for something different. So, first I tried to paint with nose, but noticed that few are already doing it. So, I thought of giving my tongue a try and succeeded. Many newspapers reported it. I got a good response. Then, I made it a regular practice,”'said Ani K.

I hope the stuff he uses to paint with is not too toxic.

New LEGO Indiana Jones Trailer - Verdict? Fantastic

Fans of the Indiana Jones LEGO game must be excited about the Indy games to be dropped shortly after the movie -Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull- whose theatrical release in the USA will take place on June 3rd. The first trailer of the LEGO game includes scenes from the first three Indiana Jones films: Raiders of the Lost Ark, The Temple of Doom and The Last Crusade. The second trailer was released at the beginning of the month and Indy's catchy tune is there, as well as plenty of cut scene footage showing off the many characters that will be in the game. We have included a few stills as well to enhance your Indy LEGO experience! More stills and videos after the jump


Daring and Unusual Architecture

Stumbled upon these marvelous images in a Russian language website during one of my frequent pilgrimages through the blogosphere. That is correct. I don't surf the blogo. I go on pilgrimages. Anywho, most, if not all, of the images, must be a product of Photoshop and similar graphic applications but I still love the strange but beautiful buildings!

May 17, 2008

Evil Celebrity Clowns

The folks over at which is a very cool photoshop and multi-media website, are always running fun contests. This time around, they did a contest to find the best celebrity evil clown and these are some of the evil entries. Very good work by very talented people.

Patrick Stewart

50 Cent

Jessica Alba

Paris Hilton

Chris Rock

Michael Jackson

Christopher Walken

Christian Bale

Salma Hayek

Orlando Bloom

Mena Suvari

Christina Ricci

John Malkovich

via worth1000