May 22, 2008

"Museum HR Giger Bar": An Establishment Inspired by the Bad-Ass Monster from the "Alien" Movies

Artist Han Rudi Giger (better known as H.R. Giger) who is recognized worldwide as one of the foremost artists of Fantastic Realism and who worked on the pop culture film series Alien, designed this bar in Gruyere, Switzerland and he used as points of reference and inspiration his horror-inspiring creation. The bar is decorated throughout with models of spinal chord-like skeletons and other such creepy motifs reminiscent of the otherworldly environments in the Alien movies. Giger designed the title character- the movie’s mean killing machine monster- and won an Oscar for best special effects in 1980.

As much as I liked the Alien movies, I would be hard pressed to eat at this joint and would especially stay away from the eggs!

Check out the rest of the pictures and the video below.

Museum HR Giger Bar


  1. Cool. My Kids would love it!! They are Alien fanatics. You have been dugg.

  2. Alien II Extended Edition rules!!! Pity that Alien III was major failure. This bar really looks magnificent. I hope that I will visit it once.

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