December 12, 2008

Girls in Miniature Villages - 'Teenage Stories' :The Gorgeous Work of Julia Fullerton-Batten

This is the brilliant and astounding work of photographer Julia Fullerton-Batten. This gallery is called "Teenage Fantasies". Let me allow the artist explain in her own words(via Wicked Halo whose link appears next to the author's website)

"The girls I photograph in these miniature villages interact with them much like children interact with their real surroundings, living inside their own dreams and fantasies rather than living in a specific house on a specific street. In their minds they can be giants moving through our world whilst always remaining separate to it, cocooned in their own dream like existence."


On a completely different note, there are people who visit this site regularly and I have a tremendous appreciation for that. However, a few of those folks copy the images to use, I suppose, on their own site. I don't have a problem with. Quite the contrary as long as you give me credit by linking to this blog just as I ALWAYS credit my sources. I don't steal stuff without giving people their dues. So please stop doing it! You know who you are!

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