July 22, 2009

Transgressions and Excitement in Rome: Gay Village 2009 Summer Event Short Film Promo

This is a wicked and deliciously debauched promo for Gay Village 2009 Summer Event in Rome. The promo short was shot in June 2009.

Disembedded notes, "The Gay Village is a short film (with music) directed by Daniele Napolitano at Cut Studios, promoting Rome’s Gay Village Summer Events. The Gay Village has just settled in for a whole summer of excitement, cool music and transgressions. Got some fetish? ‘Cause there’s a lot in here. Just step in and don’t feel ashamed of enjoying (or of not enjoying)."

CREW: Daniele Napolitano, Stefano Gianfreda, Stefano Caridi, Marco Bassano, Stefano Fontana, ANG Creazioni, Stefano Piparo, Daniele Frebetti, Roberta Viti, Andrea Lucania, Marianna D'Addurno, Valerio Grosso, Valerio Scambelluri, Andrea Conte
CAST: Desiré, Luca Galgano, Karma B, Kristine, Ilaria, Davide, Olivian

Promo website: "I Love Cut"
Event Official Site

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