July 20, 2009

Icon Fixation: Lindsay Lohan Channels Marilyn Monroe Again for Vogue Spain

Lindsay Lohan is gracing the cover of the August 2009 issue of Vogue España where she is being hailed as the "new" Marilyn Monroe. Some of us remember Lindsay's uber risque recreation of Marilyn's iconic "Last Sitting" photoshoot in New York Magazine's Spring 2008 issue where the starlet took it all off. The 22 year actress received very mixed reviews although there was a sizable and - vocal - crowd that seemed genuinely offended at Lindsay's gall and proceeded to trash her with a zeal and a mean-spirited fervor that must have bordered on the orgasmic for many. I myself seldom go there (mean-spirited personal insults); I don't see a reason for it (except when I included the choice "ho" in a poll about 16 year old Miley Cyrus recently. In my defense, the devil made me do it!). Lindsay is a beautiful woman but this doesn't work for me. From an aesthetic (or maybe sartorial?) point of view, Marilyn was a size 10 "girl" who filled out her garments. LiLo, on the other hand, is very thin and un-Marilyn like in that respect. Anyway, please let me know what YOU think.


These are stills from the famous "Last Sitting" snapped by Bert Stern who also lensed Lindsay's New York Magazine cover and spread last year. Marilyn was found dead only six weeks after these photos were taken.


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