July 24, 2009

Madonna's Brilliant and Provocative Pop Art Cover for her Album "Celebration"

Her Madge-esty will delight many of us--and annoy her detractors aka haters-- with a compilation of her greatest hits spanning Madge's 25+ year career. The album is called "Celebration" and the sensational and Andy Warholesque art work was created by Mr. Brainwash. Madge Tribe states, "Mr. Brainwash, the creator of Madonna's "Celebration" album cover, started his career in France as a documentary film maker to become later a popular street artist. He currently resides in L.A and where he is a well known graffiti artist.

This "Celebration" cover reprises the classic Madonna shot by Jean-Baptiste Mondino that premiered on "Bazaar" magazine in 1990 blended with another iconic 1987 portrait by Alberto Tolot."

"Celebration" will include hits from "Holiday" to last year's "4 Minutes" with Justin Timberlake. The set will also include two new songs, including "Celebration," a new dance track Madonna co-produced with Paul Oakenfold.

Madonna's "Celebration" drops on September 28th.

Celebration video teaser

via Madonna Tribe

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  1. Mr Brainwash is a joke, hasn't anyone seen exit through the giftshop? He pays other artists to carry out his ideas. He does not make the art. I really don't like "Mr Brainwash"