June 3, 2012

Madonna Brandishes Weapons In Israel Concert and Then Calls For World Peace

Madonna kicked off her 'MDNA' concert tour in Israel in plenty of style. Madonna style. For starters, there's the usual Madonna-branded controversy galore in Israel because of the AK47 and the other weapons displayed onstage. There is also the ubiquitous religious imagery and symbolism Madonna loves to inject into her shows that always end up pissing off the religious types. And there is also plenty of other shit on the shows that The Queen of Pop has been getting away with for 30 years and that always seem to rub many people the wrong way every-freaking-time like clockwork. Her antics get her press and keep her in the public discourse and whether people elevate her or tear her up, it does not matter. The effect is the same.

But let me be frank and state my bias: I like Madonna. I like her because I think she is very talented and I like her music and her elaborate concerts although I have never been to one of her shows. But most of all, I like her because at the age of 53, she carries on in spite of (or maybe because of, who knows) her many haters and detractors. The woman does not give a rat's ass; she does as she wants and continues to be immensely successful and popular with a humongous base of adoring fans. And I say, let the haters hate Madgesty. Let them eat cake. Who gives a rodent's derriere?!

images via dailymail

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