June 3, 2012

Fugly in Pink: Scott Scheidley's Colorful Makeover Of Hitler,Stalin and Kim Complete With Earrings

Notorious mass murderers Adolf Hitler, Joseph Stalin and Kim Jong-il have been given a most colorful pink make-over complete with earrings and heart-shaped tinted glasses by American artist Scott Scheidly. In reference to the work, the artist states that "the idea stems from Spoke Art gallery's "Coen Brothers Vs Quentin Tarantino" show I did last year from the film 'Inglorious Basterds'. I had previously come up with the idea of an all pink show and figured this was a great starting point.

"The idea is really all about the power of colour and symbology and how it can change perception."

"The reaction has been huge and mostly positive. I understand not everyone is going to get this type of art or humour. Controversy is always a good thing though.I decided to paint Hitler as actor Martin Wuttke."

Pretty in pink? Hardly. Ugly is ugly. But I do find those earrings, especially the one on Stalin, kinda funny.


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