May 25, 2012

'The Royal Dozen'--Alexia Sinclair's Magnificent Portraits of Some of the Most Influential Men in History

Artist’s Statement

Princes, warlords, dandies and diplomats take the stage to form a lavish series of portraits titled The Royal Dozen. Through the study of nobility in history and portraiture, multimedia artist Alexia Sinclair has produced twelve innovative artworks formed from thousands of photographs and illustrations.

Legends of the lives of the nobles continue to captivate us today, from the pampered decadence of Louis XIV to the epic legend of Alexander the Great. Other rulers who also form this series are less renowned yet equally intriguing. An unusual blend of Royalty, their selection was based on their contrasts in leadership, their flamboyance and their enduring influence upon society.

Traveling the globe photographing architecture and landscapes, Sinclair returned to Australia to hand make bespoke costuming for each portrait. Photographing role‐playing models and props in the studio, she then meticulously stitched together her photographs and hand illustrations like pieces from a jigsaw puzzle.

In the style of the renaissance masters, Sinclair weaves a myriad of delicious symbols and motifs into each portrait, allowing each story to unfold. Exploring the complexities of the famous, the infamous and the obscure, these portraits celebrate historical realities within the guise of contemporary fantasy, a kind of conversation between the past and present.

Once again Alexia Sinclair has outdone herself with this magnificent work. I was first introduced to Sinclair's creations via her series of beautiful and exquisite digital portraits of twelve of the most influential women in European history called The Royal Twelve which was featured in Lunatica Desnuda previously. Enjoy!

Marquis de Sade – “The Sadist” (1740–1814)

Genghis Khan – “The Mongol Warrior” (1162–1227)

Lorenzo de' Medici – “The Magnificent” (1449–1492)

Charles II – “The Merrie Monarch” (1630-1685)

Vlad Draculea – “Son of the Dragon” (1431-1476)

Alexander the Great – “Son of Zeus” (356–323 bc)

Peter Romanov – “The Great” (1672–1725

Hannibal – “Grace of Baal” (247–182 bc)

Pope Alexander VI – “The Borgia Pope” (1431 –1503)

Shah Jahan – “King of the World” (1592 –1666)

Louis XIV – “The Sun King” (1638–1715)

Napoleon Bonaparte – “Emperor of the French” (1769–1821)

Alexia Sinclair

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