October 15, 2008

"The Regal Twelve" - Alexia Sinclair's Fantastic Digital Portraits of Some of the Most Powerful Women in Western History

The Regal Twelve is a series of jaw-dropping portraits of some the most powerful and influential women in (mostly) European history. The portraits were created by the very talented and creative Australian digital artist Alexia Sinclair.

Among those women featured are Queen Elizabeth I of England who is depicted in all her regal glory. The guillotined Queen of France Marie Antoinette is showcased surrounded by all the pomp and circumstance and decadence of pre-revolutionary France and the tragic Queen Cleopatra of Egypt is displayed surrounded by snakes.

Queen Elizabeth I

Marie Antoinette (The Extravagant Queen)

Cleopatra (The Seductress)

Alexandra Romanov (The Last Czarina)

Catherine the Great (The Enlightened Empress)

Elizabeth Bathory (The Countess of Blood)

Christina of Sweden (The Androgynous Queen)

Olympias (The Sorcerous)

Eleanor of Aquitaine (The Eagle)

Agrippina (The Poisoness)

Boudica (The Celtic Queen)

Isabella of Spain (The Catholic)

I fell in love with this fantastic work the minute I saw it.
Alexia Sinclair


  1. Iver I totally agree with you. I fell in love with this work the minute I saw it.