October 16, 2008

Parodies of Magazine Covers-Jolie, Madonna, Miley, and Beckham

Gallery of the Absurd likes to parody magazine covers and images of celebrities. The artist name is Fourteen like the number and she says about her work:

"I am not painting their portraits...I paint only the gossip, buzz, chatter and brand image the particular celebrity projects or attracts. I seek to capture a peculiar segment of modern pop-culture mythology as it unfolds before our eyes. For this reason, I would hope the celebrity would not be angered..."

In the galley you will see Angelina Jolie's much talked about recent W Magazine cover where she's seen breasfeeding her babies. There is also the Miley Cyrus infamous Vanity Fair spread that caused so much controversy a few months ago. Madonna is there with her son David Banda. And there's also a spoof of Madonna's heavily photoshopped Out Magazine cover.

via Gallery of the Absurd

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