June 24, 2009

New Miley Cyrus Scandalous Photos Emerge - Updated Links

Apparently Hannah Montana aka Miley Cyrus can't keep her 16 year old ass out of controversies. The latest in the string are some provocative snaps taken by film maker Adam Shankman, who is producing the Hannah Montana star's new film The Last Song. In the photos, Miley is captured in very sexy and suggestive poses straddling a chair and sidling up to the openly gay producer Alan Shankman. The photos were posted on Twitter by a yet to be identified person.

Are these snaps really so scandalous? Please share your opinion in a poll(I liked the first survey we conducted on the racy Calvin Klein billboard.

I think Miley and or her handlers planted these pics to mess with people or for promotional purposes. How will Disney react to goo goo gooey Hannah Montana's latest ho moment? Oh relax! I'm joking. Please let me know what you think on Lunatica's "Ho or not? poll located on the upper left hand side of the blog.

UPDATE - Go to this link for ALL the latest Oct 2013 highly sexually suggestive and definitely NSFW photos of Miley pervs. LOL.

via dailymail.co.uk

Results of our Miley Cyrus poll. 50% (13)of the voters thought that the photos are not inappropriate and surprisingly, 23% (6) referred to the 16 y.o Miley as a ho! Inglorious Basterds! Miley is only 16 for crying out loud! This blog is a den of perversion!

Ho or not. Are Miley's Pictures Scandal-Worthy?
Yes. They are inappropriate for a 16 year old girl

6 (23%)

No. She's an actress and there's nothing wrong with the photos

13 (50%)


6 (23%)

Not a ho

1 (3%)

Votes so far: 26
Poll closed

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