June 16, 2009

Racy Calvin Klein Billboard in NYC Creates Controversy

This Calvin Klein Jeans billboard that was unveiled today in the neighborhood of Soho, NYC, is creating some controversy in the artsy neighborhood and elsewhere. Some people are of the opinion that the huge billboard portraying three half-naked young models getting it on is too provocative and verges on the pornographic.

I'd be very interested in "hearing" other folks' opinion so I put up a poll on the upper left hand side of the blog. Please let me know your honest, dishonest, bullshit opinions.

A week later...Wet and totally inappropriate kisses to all those wonderful people who participated in Lunatica's vital billboard survey. The results were as follows: 1. Too racy.Take it down: (21%, 3); 2. Too Racy but no need for it to be taken: (0, 0.00%); 3. It's kinda of saucy but I'm comfortable with it: (28%, 4); 4. Like...what's the big deal?: (35%, 5); 5. Could care less about it: (21%, 3) . The results show the pervs (those who picked answers 2-5) far outnumbering the holier-than-thou by a margin of 11 to 3. Shame on you pervies! You ought to give yourselves 12 slashes on the back with a 6 foot cat o' nine tails!

Anyway, more titillating images from the same ad campaign plus the risque video after the jump (where's MY cat o'?)


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