September 5, 2008

Jerry Seinfeld and Bill Gates in Witty New Microsoft Commercial

Jerry Seinfeld plays his witty, funny self and Bill Gates in actually not bad! Nice, funny commercial.


  1. ...and I ask this with all respect (since I've never come across your site before now), are you naked AND high? This has to rank as one of the worst, most misguided, overblown waste of money and time ever. Yecch.

  2. Anonymous, yes: I'm buck naked as I write this but not yet high; its too early for that in my part of the world. And yes, I like the ad. It wasn't my damn money so I'm not stewing and throwing any temper tantrums over it.

    ...and I ask this with all due respect: exactly how many millions of your personal fortune were wasted here anonymous?

  3. uuh! Touché! lol

  4. I rescind the previous comments and admit to my jackassery. I request that the blogger to whom this post belongs to accepts my humblest apologies.

  5. Anonymous, jackasseries of such extreme effrontery and offensivity such as yours can only be washed with blood...or $5 bucks. I accept credit cards, government food coupons, empty bottles/cans and even clipped coupons. I'll be contacting you soon with instructions.

  6. Even as a longtime Apple fan and user, I have the greatest respect for Microsoft as a company (even though I would never go back to using their OS, unless I absolutely have to.).

    Their advertising, however, is often flawed in that it does not transport a real message. See ads for the XBox or Zune.

    Everyone I've shown this spot to up to now doesn't get it, finds that it does not do anything except show Bill be a normal guy buying shoes from Jerry, and wonder how this ties in with a software company.
    However, the spot is actually pretty good in that it makes people talk about it in the best viral tradition, and puts the word Microsoft in our mouths.
    I agree that it is very watchable.

    Just by the way, check by my blog, specifically this post

    You don't have to do anything it says there, just wanted to let you know.

  7. Sorry, but this spot is horrible. I'm actually surprised Jerry did these spots considering there so much like the American express spots he did with Superman.

    Microsoft is getting there asses handed to them by the Mac spots and this is there fight back. It says nothing about any new software or features or even about microsoft, accept that they're coming out with some sort of edible computer.

    And how do they end the spot? The future is delicious? Thanks for telling me what every other tech savy devices are telling me. The future looks good, the future is bright...... blah blah blah.

  8. I like that it's Gate's mugshot photo on his loyalty card.

    I wonder if that was his idea.

  9. Lots of folks seem to hate this spot so it's safe to say it has bombed miserably. I still like it thou...