September 10, 2008

Family Guy Creator Seth MacFarlane Hilarious Cavalcade of Cartoon Comedy

Seth McFarlane, the creator and executive producer of the wildly popular cartoon series Family Guy, in partnership with Burger King, will produce a series of short weekly cartoons starting on September 10th called Seth MacFarlane Cavalcade of Cartoon Comedy.

These are two of the first offerings. I love Family Guy; that stuff cracks me up big time! These two cartoons are very, very funny but I'm sure we will see much better from the mind of McFarlane's comedic genius! The first one is "A Dog on the $25,000 Pyramid" and the other is called "Super Mario Rescues the Princess"

via YouTube


  1. Seth MacFarlane is a no-talent thieving chump.

    He should make a cartoon based on the life of Carlos Mencia featuring the voice of Dane Cook.

  2. Yeeeeah. Those really aren't very funny.