August 15, 2008

"This Is Not A Film" - A Short Film About Surrealist Master Rene Magritte

August 15th marks 41 years since the death of Belgian surrealist René François Ghislain Magritte (21 November 1898 - 15 August 1967). He became well-known for a number of witty and amusing images among which "The Son of Man"(1964) the painting of a man wearing a black overcoat and a bowler hat with an apple blocking his face, may be the most famous and best known.
Above are some of my very favorite Magritte paintings: The already-mentioned "The Son of Man", "The Listening Room" (1953), "The Difficult Crossing" (1926), "The Human Condition" (1935) and "Golconda" (1953) in that order.
The beautifully done short animated film "This Is Not a Film" which is based on Magritte's work, references over 40 of the surrealist master's paintings.
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