August 14, 2008

Dynamic Painting - San Base's Amazing Computer-Generated Art

San Base is a Russian born artist with a background in Cybernetics and art who is presently residing in Canada.

"Sometimes the images are glamorous, sometimes they seem psychedelic. At times, they may even seem to momentarily fall asleep, but only to regenerate their power, and strike once again with a new mesmerizing recombination -- luring the viewer into a parallel, Nirvana-like universe of art... It's like you keep watching for a comet to streak across the sky but, in this case, a possibility of discovering a new wonderful event on your screen is immeasurably higher."

"The Dynamic Paintings I'm designing are examples of digital generative art - an art that has been generated algorithmically by a computer system. There have been many attempts at producing generative art; the history of it goes back to the early days of computer development. Many of these works have used fractals and pretty much none of them accounted for more than just basic artistic principles. This is not the case for my Dynamic Paintings."

-San Base

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