February 8, 2008

Jon Stewart Rants About Super Tuesday's Television Coverage-What's With The Rotating 3D Pie Charts And All The Endless Graphics?

The high tech stuff is fine but in my opinion, CNN and the network channels covering the primaries are just overdoing it! Don't get me wrong. I understand that all that "expert" analysis and all the gadgetry and space-age stuff is intended to offer a more thorough dissection of the whole process. But in trying to explain what's going on to the viewers, the so-called experts and pundits sometimes crank out pure, unadulterated jibberish. Overdone hogwash. Numbers and estimates only understood by some secret society of political pundits.And all the techno stuff--flying 3-D pie charts, color-coded graphics, multi-screen set-ups --that looks like the holo deck of the Enterprise. Its the 21st century and I am aware of that most days. But I still think they are going overboard. To me, there is definitely beauty in simplicity. Simplicity dammit!

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