October 29, 2013

Beautiful 3D Animations of the Paintings of Vincent van Gogh and Claude Monet

First Steps (after Millet), 1890

These videos of fantastically fun and skillful 3D animations of the work of Post-Impressionist painter Vincent van Gogh and Impressionist giant Claude Monet were created by Luca Agnani and Alexander Kolomietz respectively.

Agnani featured several of van Gogh's paintings - of which I posted copies of a handful - in the video he titled "Van Gogh Shadow". Kolomietz, meanwhile, only worked on one of Monet's creations. What fantastic explosions of color! I love this beautiful and amazing work!

White House at Night, 1890
The Yellow House, 1888
The Langlois Bridge, 1888
Farmhouse in Provence, 1888

Claude Monet

Cliff Walk at Pourville, 1882

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