May 3, 2012

Famous Paintings Recreated on the Human Body--Chadwick and Spector's Amazing "Museum Anatomy"

These deliciously fantastic images by Chadwick and Spector take body painting to a whole new level of fantasy, magic and sheer excellence; they are a bona fide feast to the eyes and to the imagination. These human paintings are part of a creative effort called "Museum Anatomy" which seeks to impart fresh life to and recreate famous works of art by such masters as Rubens, Picasso, Botticelli and others on the human body. I'd say the result is simply masterful!

Lamentation of Christ, Botticelli 1495/96

The Lamentation of Christ Detail of Mary Magdalene and the Feet of Christ after Botticelli

Leda and the Swan By Correggio 1532

Leda and the Swan after Correggio

Picasso's Weeping Woman 1937

Crying Woman after Picasso

The Head of Medusa by Rubens circa 1615

Head of Medusa after Rubens

Saint Mary Magdalene by Carlo Dolci 1660

Saint Mary Magdalene after Carlo Dolci

Cleopatra's Feast by Jordaens 1653

Cleopatra's Feast after Jordaens 2

Joan of Arc, Rossetti 1882

Joan of Arc after Rossetti

Madeline de France 1536 by Corneille De Lyon

Madeline de France Queen of Scotland after Corneille De Lyon

Guernica by Picasso 1937

Guernica after Picasso

Sappho Prayer to Aphrodite by Margaritis 1845

Sappho Praying to Aphrodite after Margaritis

Lanna Woman Wat Umong


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