August 14, 2009

Megan Fox Mock Peer Pressure PSA Says F*ck 'Em!

Megan Fox told it like it is with her mock peer pressure video which advises kids who get victimized by other kids in school to fuck 'em! That's right! Fuck 'em 'cause they don't know shit! Like...Yea.

The mock PSA is part of the promo campaign for Meg's upcoming movie called Jennifer's Body.


  1. Haha, saw that on television last night;
    She gorgeous!
    Can't wait for that movie to come out; the book was pretty good.
    As for the message (even though it is just there to sell the movie) there is a message :)

  2. On TV? Cable TV I assume. And yes, Meg is certainly a looker. Agree completely.