August 25, 2009

As for Pop Surrealism, There's 'The Meat Show: Paintings About Children, God And USDA Grade A Beef'

I just came across the fascinating work of American painter Mark Ryden. His "The Meat Show: Paintings about Children, God and USDA Grade A Beef" collection was his debut solo exhibit wayyyy back in 1998. Eat Me Daily notes about this quirky but fascinating collection:

"Commonly associated with the genre of pop surrealism or lowbrow art, this first show combined images of innocent, angelic “creatures” with butcher shop settings and whimsical Alice in Wonderland backdrops. With that, crosses, Abraham Lincoln, literal “devil dogs,” and even, yes, third eyes – all among a dancing fury of porterhouses, bacon slabs and whole sides of beef."

Mark Ryden

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