August 4, 2009

Absurd, Surreal and Alluring Females: Mike Worral's Mysterious Women

Mike Worral is an English artist and designer. His paintings are a combination of the absurd, surreal and alluring. By combining contemporary concepts with historical content, Mike Worrall evokes a compelling view into an enchanting, dramatic and mysterious world of women wearing elaborate dresses and surreal diaroma backdrops. Worral states:

“I have been painting since the early 1960’s and am almost entirely self taught. I still retain the basic technique and style developed in these early years. I am committed to exploring the subconscious and I like Paul Delvaux and Max Ernst amongst others.”

“I’ve worked in the feature film industry as an Ideas Artist. You can see my work on Alien III website. I was told by Roman Polanski that a painting of my mine he had, gave him the idea of making the film Macbeth. He based the second scene on the painting. I have works in the collections of Victor Lownes, Alan Price of the Animals, Roman Polanski, Nicholas Roeg, Vincent Ward and many others.” - from Worral’s biography


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