April 4, 2009

Rihanna's Beat Up Face as Pop Art? WTF! Really Dude?

Rihanna's police photo with her face all messed up by Chris Brown's alleged attack circulated the internet for days on end. Now pop artist Shaim Ibrahim has drawn a series of portraits based on the photos in question for no apparent purpose. Ibrahim tells E! Magazine Online: “I thought the bruises in the police photo were interesting shapes to draw. And it was cool to color them pink and blue. Those are two of my favorite colors.”

And when asked about the meaning behind his work, Ibrahim stated: “There is no message to any of my art. It’s meant to look cool hanging on your wall and that’s it! I’m not into deep meanings.”

So this guy sees that image of a woman who just got the shit beaten out of her and he says, "Why let this very interesting photo of a major bitch-slapping go to waste? And then he proceeds to go all Andy Warhol on the pop artist's battered face. Don't know about you guys but that's what I call a major asshole opportunist!

Meanwhile, here I am posting the dude's work on my blog. That makes me a complicit asshole opportunist.


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