January 5, 2009

The Paintings of Renaissance Masters Blended with the Images of Superheros

This wonderful and fun website call worth1000 does frequent competitions among it's members involving photoshop. This is the result of a contest they did blending the paintings of Renaissance Masters with that of superheros such as Batman in it's incarnation as The Black Knight, Spiderman, and Catwoman among others. This stuff is really well done.

The Son Of Batman is a remake of Belgian surrealist master Rene Magritte’s “The Son on Man.”

“Batman Mourning.” I don't who the Renaissance Master this was copied from

“Poison Ivy Pestering Batman Again.”


“Catwoman”, is based on one of Salvador Dali’s many surrealist paintings.

“The Death of Kent” which is a digital reworking of David’s Death of Marat.

Next we have a representation called “Spiderman and Doc Oc” which was inspired by a painting from the irrepressibly impious Salvador Dali.

“David X Men” which was, off course, was inspired by the world famous statue by Renaissance master Michelangelo.

“The Joker.” This representation was inspired by one of Rembrandt’s many self portraits.


  1. Neither Dali or Margritte are Renaissance painters!! Both surrealist! Far from renaissance!