September 11, 2008

Fredy Wenzel's Fantastic and Amazing 3-D Sci-Fi Art

This is the work of German 3-D graphic artist Fredy Wenzel who specializes in scifi, fantasy, pinup and poster style art. This stuff is exceptional and rather impressive; this dude got mad skills! The only knock (knockers?) that I can see on these beautiful images is the fact that they seem to have been created with the horny 13 to 35 male demographic in mind: I mean, scantily clad young women with gravity-defying racks are the protagonists of most of these fantasy sagas. But then again, this is no different from what we see on the popular video games and such so let me shut the hell up. Enjoy.

Fredy's Deviant Art page


  1. As a horny 42 year old, I demand to be included in his target audience...

  2. Harpo you have been duly included. My apologies for the slight and my assurances that horny 40 somethings will be taken into consideration from now on.