September 24, 2008

Early Renaissance Portraiture and Modern Photography:Transfiguration

"These images are from ‘Transfigurations,’ the result of a collaboration between London-based American photographer Richard Bram and painter Silvia Willkens of Mainz, Germany.

Utilising Willkens’ paintings, inspired by the faces in Early Renaissance masters such as Giotto and della Francesca, Bram and Willkens used the paintings as masks, the identity of the flesh-and-blood model merging with the painted image. The resulting photographs made over several years move forward and back through time and through the picture plane, between real and imagined personæ, theme and variations in a visual fugue. All the work is done in-camera, without digital manipulation or collage" says lensculture.

No digital manipulation or collage here? Wow! It's all I can say. I usually prefer colorful stuff as you may or may not have noted, but this stuff is fan-freakin'-tastic. I love the Renaissance portraiture aspect. The sober and demure female faces superimposed on the black and white pictures. Awesimocity and fantasticality I tell ya!.

via lensculture


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