September 16, 2008

Coke Zero's James Bond "Quantum of Solace" Animated Commercial

Coke Zero and Bond, James Bond have teamed up for an integrated campaign to promote Coke Zero and the latest 007 flick Quantum of Solace. The result is an animated James Bond-themed, action packed Coke Zero ad that kicks major ass with the obligatory extreme car chases, pretty babes, Martial arts and all that action James Bond stuff we have come to expect from Her Majesty's Secret Service smooth operator. Last I heard Quantum of Solace is due for release sometime in November, 2008.

Coke Zero commercial

Quantum of Solace trailer


  1. Haven't seen the film yet but lots of people are is more Jason Bourne than James Bond

  2. Lucy I haven't seen it either but some people tell me that they were not impressed.