September 3, 2008

ALMACAN's Amazing Surrealistic Mechanical Digital Portraits

I absolutely love this surrealistic digital portraits! The artist's name is ALMACAN aka Kazuhiko Nakamura and he draws his inspiration from surrealism and cyberpunk. He also acknowledges the influence of 19th century machine designs and armor and those influences are pretty clear in ALMACAN's amazingly evocative, anthropomorphic, pseudo-organic art.

"I began this site (Mechanical Mirage Art Gallery) so that I could publically display my private works of art. I am inspired by surrealism and cyberpunk styles of art. I find myself drawn to 19th century machine designs and armor among other things from that time period as motif. All of these images have been created with a portrait style while still containing a puzzle type quality."


Floating of Antlion


The Armed Maiden



Requiem for Industry

Head + Dead


The End of Flight Zone


The Tower of Beetle

Spiral Memory

Shell in the Darkness

Silence in a Sandglass



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