September 14, 2008

Al Dente - A Beautiful Animated Film that Combines Opera and Pasta

Al Dente was presented at the past SIGGRAPH Computer Animation Festival by the French school Supinfocom. "Al Dente combines opera, pasta, and a knife-wielding chef and the result is another delicious animated short from this prolific school" says Reuters.

"Supinfocom (école SUPérieure d'INFOrmatique de COMmunication, roughly University of Communication Science) is a computer graphics university with campuses in Valenciennes and Arles, France.

Founded in 1988 in Valenciennes, the school offers a five-year course leading to a diploma of digital direction (certified Level I). A second campus in Arles opened in 2000, and the school is preparing to open a new campus in India.

In November 2007, the school was ranked No. 1 worldwide by the American magazine "3D World," with criteria such as the distribution of student films and prizes in festivals around the world" says Wikipedia.

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