July 23, 2008

Totally Cool Italian Hip-Hop/Jazz Fusion-"Funky Rude Man" by Mole

This jazzy song is called Funky Rude Man by the Italian artist Mole and the video was directed and animated by Emanuele Kabu. This is the music video for the 1st single from Mole's album called "Nero Viaggiatore" out on the independent record label Redd Army Records. The album was dropped on June of this year.

Funky Rude Man is hip-hop, funk and jazz all rolled into one and it is simply magnificent! I really love this work!

Mole's "Nero Viaggiatore" Album


  1. Hi! I'm MOLE Thanx for your amasing words!

  2. Hi I'm Mole tnx so much for your amazing comment of my work Nero Viaggiatore & my single video FunkyRudeMan! Greetings from Belluno - Italy!

    Where are u from?

  3. Hello Mole! You're very welcome! Your stuff is really good and I really enjoy it! I thought I'd try to promote it a little bit thru my blog. I'm from NYC via the Spanish speaking Caribbean. Greetings!

  4. hi lunaticadesnuda :)
    i'm fulvio, from Mole's label. Maybe you might want to listen to the whole record. Contact me at info@ reddarmy.com. Cheers!