July 6, 2008

John Foxx's Fascinating Cathedral Oceans

John Foxx is an English musician, graphic designer and educator who is primarily associated with synthesizer music.

"Cathedral Oceans is an ongoing project by Foxx that stretches back many years and explores ambient sound, washes of reverberated vocals and strings like no other. But it's also been an audio-visual exhibition, from which this DVD essentially comes."
Each ethereal and absolutely stunning track is accompanied by photos that evolve, blend and merge beautifully to take the original's listening experience to new levels of emotion.

The overall effect of Cathedral Oceans’ music is soothing, almost pastoral ambiance created by extensive usage of reverb and echo coupled with Gregorian chanting. As stated, this is an ongoing project and these images and sound come from Cathedral Oceans III which is the latest installment in the fascinating project.

Cathedral Oceans is also an ongoing audio-visual exhibition that has been shown at various art venues in Europe. I absolutely love this stuff.

A collaborative DVD project. Audio by John Foxx, visuals by John Foxx & John Leigh, animations & DVD assembly by John Leigh.


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