June 11, 2008

Vienna Museum's "Bad Painting - Good Art" Exhibition

Ever go to a museum or to one of those ultra hip "art galleries" and find yourself saying, "WTF is this crap? This isn't art. This is total garbage. I can do better with a match and some gasoline". Now a museum in Austria has opened an exhibit called Bad Painting-Good Art devoted solely to the kinds of ghastly, putrid, ugly paintings that make us want to throw ourselves out the nearest window in protest.

Vienna's Museum of Modern Art (MUMOK) is celebrating a phenomenon that it says began in the 1920s --construing bad paintings as good art. Examples of these include pictures of a man with pipes protruding from his face and a seemingly severed and bloody foot.

In the museums own words:
In an eye-opening exhibition the MUMOK draws attention to the phenomenon of ‘bad painting’ which, up till now, has been given too little consideration. Twenty-one painterly positions will be shown that, in accordance with the concept’s spectrum of meaning, manifest their ‘badness’ in various strategies of bad, ugly or malicious painting and thus contain elements of irony, protest,trash, kitsch and shock.

I feel your pain. The exhibit opened on June 5th and will run until December 10th, 2008.

Coño! This shit is indeed mad ugly!


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