June 26, 2008

Ray Caesar's Fantastically Surreal (and Slightly Creepy) Children

Ray Caesar (b. October 26, 1958) is a visual surreal artist and digital painter residing in Toronto, Canada. Caesar's art redefines possibility and pushes the boundaries of digital art, moving away from multiples to create completely innovative digital artworks.

Caesar experiments with new techniques and materials on a larger scale, applying each one-of-a-kind digital ultrachrome and acrylic medium print on wood panel with varnish. Combining themes of hope, birth, and victory of the human soul, Caesar parlays the spiritual nature of his art in fantastic, grimly hopeful and gravely whimsical images of wizened children who radiate an enigmatic serenity. Sprouting bio-mechanical limbs and appendages, the figures are otherworldly, a melding of sci fi fantasy and lush landscapes.