February 4, 2008

GoDaddy Does It Again! Danica Patrick Super Bowl XLII Beaver Ad Gets Banned

Go Daddy, the Internet domain registrar and web hosting company, which also sells e-business related software and services, has built a reputation for its suggestive, racy Super Bowl commercials filled with sexual innuendos and, off course, pretty women; They have had several Super Bowl commercials rejected in the past and Super Bowl XLII was no different. Their commercial featuring race car driver Danica Patrick got rejected by Fox Television because of a beaver and the innuendos many people associate with the furry animal. That's right. A beaver. I have put together a play list of very funny commercials from past Super Bowls plus a couple from yesterday's game that I liked very much. You will also get to see Danica Patrick's commercial that was not shown yesterday. Fox(and GoDaddy) went with a tamer version of the now infamous "beaver commercial".

1.Money out of the wazoo
2.Farting woman
3 Nasty pidgeons
4.Farting horse (apparently farting is funny)
5.Upside down clown
6.Jackie Moon (from Super Bowl XLII)
7.Dancing Mechanic (also from Super Bowl XLII
8.Danica Patrick's beaver(I mean the name of the commercial itself, pervs)

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