October 11, 2013

Beautiful and Extremely Creepy Posters for American Horror Story

I can't claim that American Horror Story is one of my favorite shows because I have yet to see a single episode. But I have been very intrigued and have been meaning to start watching the shows ever since the first beautifully creepy posters for the horror anthology started popping up a couple of years ago. American Horror Story's 3rd season picked up on October 9th. However, I will start watching from the beginning with season 1 (Murder House), move on to season 2 (Asylum) and then hit the newest set of installments which are collectively titled Coven. Meantime, I will enjoy reveling in the gorgeous creepiness of these fantastically eery, hair-raising and downright disturbing but beautiful posters.

Here's a little synopsis about AHS from Slate that I found interesting:

Over American Horror Story’s two invigorating, gruesome seasons, creators Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk have indicated that there is no subject too distasteful for them to tackle. In last year’s installment of the anthology series, American Horror Story: Asylum, the pair took on insanity, nuns, aliens, possession, medical experimentation, religious hypocrisy, homosexual aversion therapy, serial killers, the devil, and abortion. For good measure, they threw in the Holocaust in a bravura two-episode stand featuring an inmate who believed she was Anne Frank. But even this past boldness does not quite prepare one for the opening segment of the new season, titled American Horror Story: Coven. Forget the serpents in the show’s promotional materials; Coven begins with America’s preeminent horror story: slavery.

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